About Pole Dancers Fishing Gear

Mission Statement

Pole Dancers Fishing Gear (PDFG) is a fishing inspired lifestyle brand committed to providing functional fishing apparel and accessories, that are perfect for boating, fishing, relaxing at the beach or sitting at the tiki bar.

About Us

Pole Dancers Fishing Gear (PDFG) is a partnership founded by four friends in July 2009. PDFG is inspired by the ocean and evolved from our love for fishing and boating. When we are not living the PDFG lifestyle, we are managing our full time careers – as firefighters, paramedics, and physical therapist.

The Pole Dancers name seemed to click because of all the "pole " references in our lives:
• The way a fish dances in and out of the water when it is hooked on your line.
• The way you, the angler, dance around the boat deck with the fishing pole, feeling each time the fish dives or pops up in the air.
• The slide pole at historic fire stations

PDFG was born during a trip to the Florida Keys, while four friends were surrounded by the ocean and people who love the fishing and boating life. PDFG is a brand with style and function, but it is also a love for the ocean. As part of that love, PDFG contributes a portion of its monthly sales to the Ocean Conservancy, Washington, DC. Support pole dancing and nature's pole dancers by visiting the PDFG store at www.poledancersfishinggear.com.

Please enjoy our website and we hope you get the opportunity to Pole Dance soon!